7 Reasons Smoothies Can Help you Achieve Your Weigh Loss Goals

Smoothies are all the rage right now and we need to take notice. And not just because they are everywhere. But because they can be an effective tooling to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

But not all smoothies were created equal, so drinker beware. Many of the pre-made smoothies on the grocery store shelves and freezer aisles are loaded with sugar, fat, artificial ingredients, or all of the above.

This also goes for the smoothies you can get custom blended in a smoothie shop. All smoothies in a shop are not for every customer. Many have just as many calories as a milk shake. So asking questions and understanding all the ingredients in a smoothie is really important – before simply ordering the smoothie that sounds good.

The only real way to ensure you get all the great benefits of smoothies is to make them yourself. And they are much cheaper to make them yourself. All you need is a decent blender, a few natural ingredients, and a couple minutes of your time.

Trust me, it’s worth it. To read more on how to make a nutritious and yummy smoothies, check out my post: “9 Super Foods you Must Add to Your Smoothie Today.”

For now, we are going to cover the 7 reasons why smoothies can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Reason #1: Smoothies are Super Simple to Make

All it takes to make a smoothie is a few yummy ingredients dropped in your blender and voila – an instant breakfast, snack, or any meal replacement. Add ice for a milk shake consistency.  To make it even more flavorful; freeze your fruit and leave out the ice. You’ll get the milk shake texture without watering down your smoothie.

Reason #2:  Smoothies are Perfect for On-The-Go Meals

Most healthy meals require a few minutes to sit down and eat. But not a smoothie. This power-packed meal is perfect to pour into your favorite on-to-go cup and sip on the way to work, the gym, or even at your desk. There are no excuses for not having time to get in good nutrition.

Smoothies, are also a great on-to-go snack to give to your kids. If you add fruits to naturally sweeten the smoothie; they’ll think they just got a milk shake.

Reason #3:  Smoothies Hold Tons of Nutrition in One Glass

One smoothie can easily hold more nutritious ingredients in one glass than in a typical meal because you can put so much in one smoothie and have it still taste great.

You can add fiber and protein by adding seeds, nuts, and oats to the base of your smoothie.  Just drop some oatmeal or raw cashews to your blender (you’ll need a high-powered blender for this) first and pulse nuts until smooth and oats to a fine powder. Then add your other ingredients.

Now for the fun part; you can add endless combinations of fruits and veggies to keep it interesting. Try adding a cup of dark greens like kale or spinach to every smoothie. You will hardly notice the flavor of the greens and it’s a great way to ensure you get your greens in everyday even if they never find their way on to your plate at dinner time.

Just be sure to look up the nutritional information of the individual ingredients you add in. For example, be sure to balance the higher sugar fruits with the lower ones. And try to limit any added sweeteners, if possible. You don’t want to spike your blood sugar, or have too much sugar converting to fat unnecessarily.

 Reason #4:   Smoothies Can be Pre-Made

With a little preplanning, anyone can enjoy the easy nutrition of smoothies everyday. Simply blend up your smoothies the night before and store in a BPA-free plastic or glass container and enjoy for the next few days in the refrigerator.

 Reason #5:  Smoothies are Perfect Sweet Cravings Busters

The evenings are tough for many sweet cravers who just want something sweet and a little dangerous; but don’t want to throw away all their weight loss progress. One way to “give in” to these cravings is to whip up a sweet smoothie. Frozen bananas are great to add the sweetness and a little chocolate almond milk adds the chocolate indulgence so many crave. This smoothie won’t bust your waist line in the least; but it will bust those cravings.

 Reason #6:  Smoothies Super-Charge Energy

When you drink smoothies every day; you are getting more whole foods in your body than the average person in their day. Because of these whole foods; you get a free by-product – Energy! The more whole fruits and veggies we eat the better we feel.

Reason #7:  Smoothies can be Anti-Inflammatory

Now this benefit depends on the type of smoothie consumed. Smoothies rich in greens, fruits, and veggies have an alkalizing effect on the body. This helps to reduce the harmful and inflammatory effects of our typically acidic diets. Any reduction of inflammation in our bodies is beneficial in fighting disease.

As you can see, smoothies are a super tasty and easy way to add nutrition to your die; aiding in weight loss and overall good health. Although, smoothies are just part of a successful weight loss plan. Daily exercise and sometimes medical intervention and guidance can all come together to help you live your very best life today!